Blend-S Review



Genre: comedy/slice of life/romance

Summary: Maika Sakuranomiya is having trouble finding a part-time job because she looks a little scary–until a foreigner bursts out of a cafe and offers her a job on the spot! Maika takes her place among the waitresses at Cafe Stile, where each waitress adopts certain characteristics–idol, tsundere, imouto, etc–when serving the customers. The problem is, Maika doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings–but she’s supposed to be playing a sadistic character.

If you don’t like the first episode, you should: stop watching.

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Final Course Reflection

Well, the class has come to an end, and now it’s time to do the reflection. Overall, I think this class was worth taking, just for some of the knowledge I gained from it. Originally I took this class because I wanted to get some pointers on how to get my foot in the door, career-wise.

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A Game of Give and Take

Earlier this semester, I had to read Give and Take by Adam Grant, which is a book arguing that we should help others in our professional lives. In the book, Grant defines three types of people: Takers, Matchers, and Givers. Of all these, Grant argues that Givers are both the least and the most successful people. This is because they are generous and give freely of their time and other resources–which benefits some, while hindering others. Givers want to help people, and most importantly, they don’t expect anything in return.

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StrengthsFinder 2.0

(Coming soon to theaters: StrengthsFinder 2: Electric Bugaloo)

So waaaaaaaay back at the beginning of this semester, I took the StrengthsFinder (SF) test to find my strengths. This was my second time taking the test–the first time was in Freshman year, though, and I honestly can’t recall what my results were. I think they were pretty similar to this time ’round.

So without further ado, my Strengths, in Alphabetical order:

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The Fables Project

On March 14, I participated in The Fables Project, a program put on by the English department. Last semester, my Advanced Fiction Writing class had the chance to collaborate with illustration students from a college in Maryland on this project. We wrote original fables–about two pages long–and sent them to the illustration students so they could create images to accompany our stories. Overall it was an amazing experience, and definitely one of my favorite (albeit informal) assignments during my time at university.

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